1) On Self-Transformation at the 11th International Conference of Philosophical Practice (Korea) 2012  
Ran Lahav giving a workshop at the 11th International Conference on Philosophical Practice, which took place in July, 2012 in South Korea. This workshop explores how a philosophical counselor (practitioner) can help counselees go beyond their perimeter (limited, familiar self). The assumption is that we are more than what we think we are, and the counselor's task is to proble into, and awaken this "more."


2a) Philosophical Counseling with Autumn (Part A)

In this two-part video (55 minutes) Ran Lahav gives philosophical counseling to a counselee, Autumn. The video portrays three sessions and Ran Lahav's commentary on the process. The three session relate to three parts of the counseling process: (1) The first session: Investigating Autumn’s perimeter. (2) A later session: Exploring Autumn’s earliest memory. (3) A reading session with Autumn, exploring ways to go beyond her perimeter.

Part A contains (1) and (2). Part B contains (3).


2b) Philosophical Counseling with Autumn (Part B)


The following video is a shorter version of the above:

3) A Reading Session of Philosophical Counseling with Autumn (14 minutes)

Using philosophical texts, the philosophical counselor, Ran Lahav, helps the counselee, Autumn, to explore ways for her to step beyond her perimeter. This is a later session of philosophical counseling, which took place after the earlier sessions seen in the video “Philosophical counseling session with Autumn (see above).

 4) Philosophical Counseling with Carmen

In this 40-minutes video, Ran Lahav is seen giving Philosophical Counseling to a counselee, Carmen. Commentaries by Ran Lahav explain the counseling process as it develops.


 5) First Philosophical Evening in Oxapampa: The birth of philosophy


Philosophy in the Peruvian jungle: This is the first Philosophical Evening, out of three such evenings, which were given in January of 2011 by Ran Lahav, Carmen Zavala and Jose Maurtua, in Oxapampa, a town in the higher jungle of Peru. This video was prepared by Carmen Zavala.

6) Second Philosophical Evening in Oxapampa: Socrates, Definitions & Love

This is the second philosophical event which was given in the town of Oxapampa, in the highland jungle of Peru, by Carmen Zavala, Jose Maurtua, and Ran Lahav, in January 2011. In this event we used brief lectures, music, philosophical games, and group discussions in order to understand how philosophy seeks to capture the essence of things, and to discuss the essence of love. This video was prepared by Carmen Zavala.