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Current Topic: Martin Buber, Towards fuller Relationships

Martin Buber:  I-You and I-It 

Martin Buber:  I-You

Reflections on Buber

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Towards fuller Relationships 1
Buber's Text 1 (+ video)

 Towards fuller Relationships 2
   Buber's Text 2 (+ video)
VIDEO: It, You, and What Else?

Plato and Stepping out of the Cave

Plato's Republic

Personal  Reflections


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Plato's Republic
 The Allegory of the Cave

Plato´s Symposium
Transformation through love

VIDEO: A Journey to the completely other Exercise (text): Towards the essence of everything


Nietzsche and Self-Overcoming

Nietzsche's The Gay Science

Personal  Reflections


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Will and Wave
Nietzsche's Text 2

Nietzsche's Zarathustra
Nietzsche's Text 1

 VIDEO: Ran Lahav's commentary
 Exercise (text): Nietzsche’s Child


Marcus Aurelius, Freedom and Reason 

Marcus Aurelius' Meditation

Personal  Reflections


MarcusAureliusEmperor Marcus_Aurelius_reflection_photo Stoic_Exercise
Marcus Aurelius' text Ran Lahav's commentary: Video  /  Text  
 Exercise Marcus Aurelius’ Stoic Exercise

 Henry Bergson and the Inner Self

Bergson's Time and Free Will

Personal  Reflections


VideoBergson  Video_Icon_Commentary_on_Bergson VideoExerciseBergson140
Video: Bergson's text VIDEO: Ran Lahav's commentary VIDEO:    Contemplating on Bergson's Intuition

Personal Story: Scott meets Bergson


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Karl Jaspers and re-possessing the self

 Jasper's Way to Wisdom


Personal Reflections


Personal Stories


VIDEO: Karl Jasper's text

VIDEO: Jaspers on Boundary Situations 


VIDEO: Ran Lahav's commentary

Professor Iddo Landau
(Haifa University - Israel)
VIDEO: Comment on Karl Jaspers' text

Dr. Ronny Miron:
Jaspers and Boundary Situations

VIDEO: Angus: Breaking up and self-remembering

Noemi Harari:
Philosophical Life

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