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 This website explores the meeting point between philosophy and life, between philosophical ideas and our everyday attitudes, concerns, yearnings. It explores, more specifically, how philosophical reflection can enrich and deepen our everyday life, and how life can enrich and deepen philosophical reflection. Philosophy, after all, is philo-sophia = love of wisdom.

The idea that philosophy can be relevant to our everyday life is central to the field of philosophical practice, which also includes, as one of its branches, philosophical counseling. This is an international movement which includes dozens of organizations and hundreds of practitioners around the world. In this sense, this website falls under the title of philosophical practice.  We have been  active philosophical practitioners for many years. 

In the spirit of philo-sophia we welcome you to this website, and invite you to share with us your reflections and personal experiences, in the form of brief videos or written comments.


Ran Lahav and Carmen Zavala

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On the series Philosophy and Personal Transformation

 The current series of videos and texts, Philosophy and Personal Transformation, deals with philosophy’s capacity to influence our lives and transform us. This topic is not commonly discussed in philosophy departments, which prefer abstract discussions that are far removed from everyday life. But in fact it runs throughout the history of philosophy. Prominent thinkers throughout the ages used philosophical reflection to seek ways to live in a deeper, fuller, truer way. Examples include Plato, Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Plotinus, Rousseau, Spinoza, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Bergson, Buber, Jaspers, Marcel, Camus, and many others.

I call these thinker transformational philosophers. And I find it surprising that no philosophy textbook groups them together.

Transformational philosophy is the topic of the present series, Philosophy and Personal Transformation. Each couple of weeks or so, it will present here a brief inspiring passage from a selected transformational philosopher. Viewers’ comments, reflections and personal stories – both videotaped and in writing – will be presented alongside.

I would love to hear from you! You are most welcome to post here your comments, stories, and videos!

Our aim is to discuss together with you deep life-issues that concern us all, with the help of selected philosophical texts. We want to discuss these texts not in an abstract and academic manner, but rather by listening to how they speak in us and move us, how they inspire and enrich us with new understandings.


We look forward to receiving your comments and reactions!

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Ran Lahav