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Ran Lahav – about myself

I received my Ph.D. in philosophy and M.A. in Psychology in 1989 from the University of Michigan, USA. I then taught for several years at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, in the field of philosophy of psychology. However, my passion has always been philosophy’s contribution to everyday life, and its capacity to make our lives fuller, deeper, richer.

For this reason, when in 1992 I encountered the field of philosophical practice – which was still in its early, experimental stages – I started exploring it enthusiastically. I began practicing philosophical counseling, and a little later began teaching the field at Haifa University in Israel. In 1994 I initiated the first International Conference on Philosophical Counseling, and co-organized it with Dr. Lou Marinoff, at the University of British Columbia in Canada. In subsequent years I worked to expand the field to the English-speaking, I gave lectures and workshops around the world, and published articles and books, among them the first book in the English language in the field (Essays on Philosophical Counseling, UPA 1995). I now live in rural Vermont, away from the rat race for success, where I write, read, take walks, and teach online at Johnson State College and at Siena Heights University.

I believe that philosophy can be much more than abstract discussions in university halls. It belongs not just to philosophy professors, but to every thinking person. It can impregnate our life with wisdom, elevate our lives, and open us much beyond our small, constricted self. Philosophy can be philo-sophia = Love of Wisdom, and as such it is a personal journey towards broader horizons of human existence.

This website is devoted to this vision. It is designed to invite others – whatever their profession or philosophical background happens to be – to engage in philosophical self-reflection and share their personal thoughts and experiences.

Thank you for taking part in this website,

Ran Lahav

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Personal website: www.Trans-Sophia.net 


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