Carmen Zavala – about myself

I am a philosophical practitioner and philosophical counselor with a Master’s degree in philosophy (PUCP and UNMSM in Lima, Peru). I taught philosophy from 2001-2009 in State Universities UNFV and UNMSM. Philosophy for me is intimately connected to everyday life.


I believe, as I have believed since early age, that life cannot be deep unless we are aware of the ideas behind it, and that ideas cannot be deep unless they are based on our everyday practice and experience.


In order to give life to this idea, in 1997 I joined two philosopher friends who shared this view, and together we founded a philosophical center. In April 1998 we started giving a weekly philosophical café to the general public free of charge, which we continue giving to the present day. We also explored the fields of philosophical counseling and philosophy for children, and for a while worked intensively with philosophy for school children. In 2001 we founded the Peruvian Society of Philosophical Counseling and Philosophical Practice, in which I have been the General Secretary since then until now.

Through the Society we organized two Philosophy Olympics for school children over all Peru, with the sponsorship of the Department of Philosophy (UNMSM) and the Peruvian Ministry of EducaCarmenFiloAlDiation. Since then we have organized several philosophical workshops, as well as national and international conferences on philosophical practice. In 2009 we gave a successful philosophical Internet video program, “Filosofía al Día,” which was inspired by the vision of spreading philosophical thinking to all people. 


I continue exploring the various ways to connect philosophy to our lives and our lives to philosophy. For me philosophy is a guide to wisdom.


On this website I want to explore philosophical ways to develop our self-awareness and our capacity to receive insights from others, so that we can develop ourselves towards a fuller and more meaningful life. To this end we will propose a variety of activities designed to stimulate philosophical reflection and dialogue.


I look forward to interact with you about these matters.


Carmen Zavala